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Branding is often described as colors, logos, and tag lines, but did you know that a brand creates an emotional connection for your target audiences? Just take a moment and think of a few of the top brands you buy from.

Maybe you’re an avid Amazon Prime customer. What thoughts come up? It may represent ease and convenience. What about those of you that wait for the latest Apple release? The products may represent great usability or staying at the forefront of the technology evolution.

Guaranteed the brands that you just thought of evoked a response – either positive or negative. It is no different for your brand. Whether you are building a personal brand, own a small business, or are a large enterprise, branding is essential to how you are perceived.

In a survey conducted by SproutSocial, it’s apparent that we are desiring and almost demanding authentic connections from the brands we buy from.

  • 91% believe in the power of social media to connect people
  • 64% want brands to connect with them
  • 70% of consumers feel more connected to CEO’s that are active on social media

Brand loyalty is a key component to create current customer retention and to gain new customers. According to a survey conducted by GetFeedback, 60% of consumers will refer a friend or family member to brands they love.

So how do you ensure your brand creates authentic connection? It starts with the basics.

Often individuals and businesses ask, “Do we really need a logo and a tagline? Should we invest in having something unique designed?” The answer is yes. You’ve heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” Well, you’ll get the brand response that you invest in.

Think again of the brands that you buy from. The brand mark, or logo is tied to the feeling created by your interactions and experiences. Having a strong logo and descriptive tagline helps to solidify your brand in the minds of your target audience members. It not only helps create differentiation between you and your competition, but it allows your unique brand story to shine.

A logo and tagline can tell a strong visual story from the first glance. It establishes trust, communicates professionalism, and establishes a visual memory as a point of reference. Aristotle said it perfectly, “The soul never thinks without a picture.” Visual representations of our brand create an emotional appeal and response.

We’ve outlined three key elements of a great logo to help you get started:

    1. It holds meaning to the person or company leader
      This often can take a few design rounds to accomplish, but it first must connect to the person or company itself. The brand message should be represented by the design.
    2. It can stand alone
      A great logo should look clean and clear on any media. Social, print, signage, clothing, etc.
    3. It looks great in color or black and white
      Color of course adds an additional emotional appeal; however, a great mark will create the same emotional tie and response no matter if it is in full color or in black and white.

It may be time for you to really look at your brand mark. Does it convey the emotional appeal you are desiring for your brand?

Consumers want authentic connection and you want to ensure your brand speaks and resonates for years to come.

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