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The start of a new year marks a reset.  It’s a chance to make changes, set new business goals, and strive to outperform your own expectations. 2020 launches us into a new decade and what better way to start than by taking a look at what is changing in business and how you can strengthen your goals this year.  This list is sure to help you think through new ways to interact and connect with current customers and attract new business.

Marketing Your Business – Create your Personal Brand Story

The marketing and sales landscape continues to change. There are now five generations of customers buying products and services online and through mobile devices (The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z)Each generation has their own influence that determines buying patterns, but there is a key shift for all. Consumers are gravitating to companies where they see authenticity and where they can connect. 

Allowing customers and potential customers to interact with the “realness” of your company is what increases revenue and long term customer retention.  How? By creating your brand story.  

The power lies in showcasing the personalities of leaders, team members, and the brand itself. A recent article posted by Forbes titled, “Top Ten 2020 Consultant Marketing Trend Predictions,” supports this stating that, “finding the common ground,” and moving from “selling to storytelling,”2 will be key in the new decade.  

Often companies don’t take the time to ensure their brand story, look and feel, and digital strategies are fresh to create a strong connection with current and potential customers.  

Websites are launched and forgotten. Social media platforms become stale or too focused on product or service posts. Search Engine Optimization best practices are not kept up to date.This creates disconnection with target audiences and can quickly lead to the competition picking up revenues that are at your fingertips.  

With the use of mobile devices only increasing, it is imperative to review your brand and online strategies at least (we suggest every quarter) once a year to stay in front of your target audiences. A recent article released by The Pew Research Center titled, U.S. has changed in key ways in the past decade, from tech use to demographics,” highlights that, “as of 2019, nine-in-ten U.S. adults say they go online, 81% say they own a smartphone, and 72% say they use social media.3

Your consumers are online and they are demanding authenticity and connection.

Improve your Brand Story for 2020

Improve your Brand Story for 2020

So how can you take a step back and ensure that your brand is poised to catch and hold attention? We’ve put together a list of questions in five top categories to help you improve your brand strategy for 2020. 

  1. Assess your Brand Message 
    • Does the story of why you do what you do come through loud and clear? 
    • Do you highlight key goals, successes, and ways that you give back to the community? 
    • What are your unique attributes that will connect to your target audiences? 
    • Do you know your target audiences?
    • Would you buy your product or service? Why or why not?
  2. Review your Website
    • When is the last time you refreshed content, design, and the overall template
    • Does your website look and feel reflect your authentic brand story?  
    • Do you feature video testimonials from company leaders, team members, and clients?  
    • How might a refresh help you strengthen the connection with your customers and potential prospects? 
    • Do you have a consistent content strategy that showcases the vibe/culture of your organization? 
  3. Review your Social Media Platforms
    • When is the last time you posted? 
    • Does the design of your platforms reflect the feel you want visitors to have? 
    • What type of content do you post? Is it all sales centered, or do you feature trends that create a connection to your target audiences? 
    • How might a refresh of your platforms create a stronger sales connection?
  4. Improve your Digital Presence
    • How do you rank organically compared to your competition
    • What shows up when you search for your company or product on Google? 
    • Do you know the keywords your target audience uses to find your organization, product, or service? 
  5. Launch New Connection Points 
    1. What new media have you launched and featured on your website or social platforms? (ex. Podcasts, live and pre-recorded videos, audiobooks and training, etc.)
    2. Have you polled or surveyed your current client base to determine how THEY want to connect? 

These are just a few of the basic questions you can use to look at how you can structure a stronger brand story and thus a connection.  Start this new decade ensuring that you are connecting with your target audience the way they want to connect. Tell your why. Create your brand story.

We’d love to help you refresh your brand story.  Contact us today to learn more about branding, websites, SEO, and other digital services.

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Jesse Brede

Jesse Brede is the founder of Lion's Share Digital, an Austin Web Design firm. His passion is helping people accomplish their goals and live their dreams. He is also the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create and Pivotal Talent Agency