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Lion’s Share Digital is a full-service digital media and web agency. Some of our services include web development with a specialization in custom WordPress solutions, social media strategy, email marketing, and SEO. At Lion’s Share Digital, we make it a priority to connect with clients to best serve their needs and meet their goals. That is why Lion’s Share Digital branding services are terrific because we know the importance of understanding what you offer and finding the best way to connect and build trust with consumers. Our team of experts is grateful that our efforts to provide reliable relationships and superb services is recognized by clients.

Recently our client, Juan Lobo Tequila, graciously took the time to share its experience on the B2B ratings and review platform, Clutch. Juan Lobo Tequila had only been launched for 2 years before Lion’s Share Digital’s involvement. Lion’s director of marketing said that at the time, its website was really just a placeholder on Squarespace. We worked with Juan Lobo Tequila to design and develop a brand-new website on WordPress. Our designers created beautiful wireframes and incorporated certain graphic elements, videos, and consistent brand colors to maintain the company’s aesthetic.

Beyond the new website, we worked with Juan Lobo Tequila on SEO rankings when it came to content creation, visual functionality of the site, execution, and publishing. We were happy to provide end-to-end service! Our creations within our clients budget truly exceeded expectations, according to the director of marketing:

“Our brand manager has been a high-level executive in the liquor industry for over 25 years and has been absolutely blown away by what Lion’s Share has done with our budget. He’s said many, many times that a lot of the companies he worked with would spend hundreds of thousands to achieve what Lion’s Share was able to do for a fraction of the cost.” – Amber Wolfe, Director of Marketing, Juan Lobo Tequila

Our service was evaluated by its cost value, success in meeting deadlines, the quality of deliverables, and the likelihood of the client to refer us in the future. We received 5.0 stars across the board!


Lion’s Share Digital is Excited to Receive Another Perfect, 5.0 Star Review on Clutch!

We are very appreciative of this positive feedback. You can check out similar reviews on the site, The Manifest, which connects clients with businesses and evaluates their performance. It’s feedback like this that inspires us to continue our mission to deliver top-tier digital services.

Let us transform your website! If you are interested in working with us, please let us know!

Jesse Brede

Jesse Brede is the founder of Lion's Share Digital, an Austin Web Design firm. His passion is helping people accomplish their goals and live their dreams. He is also the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create and Pivotal Talent Agency