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People Grow. Companies Develop. Logos Evolve.

It’s crucial for companies to keep their logo design up-to-date. Times change along with people and technology. This is true in culture, style and in business. Just because your company’s logo was the sharpest, most cutting edge design a few years ago, doesn’t mean that this is still the case today. If you missed it, our article a few months ago described why a business logo design is so important.

All established, house hold name companies have updated their logos throughout the years. For example, Apple Computer’s logo has changed greatly since its inception in the 1970’s to today. Other companies like Starbucks, Pepsi, and Ford have all made many logo design adjustments throughout the years as well.

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Speaking locally, Austin logo design is particularly competitive due to booming business development and entrepreneurship. It’s absolutely necessary to make sure your company has a logo that makes you stand out from the competition and look legitimate.

If you haven’t updated your logo in a few years, then its time to ask yourself if your company’s logo design is still appealing and relevant today. There are a few red flags that should let you know its time for your company to invest in a new logo design:

1. Your current logo doesn’t adapt to modern media

Just because your logo looked great in the yellow pages years ago, doesn’t mean it still looks as awesome on current commonly used media like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google+. This media is how many people primarily find services now, so its important to keep your logo formatted to adapt to modern media. If your logo looks terrible on the internet then it’s time to invest in a new one

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2. Your current logo was designed in Microsoft Word 20 years ago

If your current logo was made in Microsoft Word, then its definitely time to upgrade and invest in an updated logo. Technology has come a long way since the 1990’s and there are plenty of programs that are accessible to create something that is compatible and appealing with modern media. An unclean, old school logo makes your company look like they simply do not care.

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3. Your current logo isn’t as appealing as your competition

It’s a fantastic idea to check out your main competitors’ logo designs. If you notice that the logos of your competitors are more appealing and convincing, then it’s well past time to upgrade your company’s design. As mentioned above, Austin logo design can be particularly competitive, because of emerging businesses and technologies in the city. You want to make sure that your logo is the most attention-grabbing and convincing in order to ensure you stand above the competition.

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4. Your current logo doesn’t represent your business

If current and potential customers are often confused by your logo, then it probably isn’t the best representation of your company. Your company may have evolved and its services could have changed with the times, but if your logo doesn’t accurately depict what your company currently offers then its time to rebrand and invest in a new one.

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5. You only have one version/layout of your current logo

With many forms of media today, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to logo design. Most media channels require different formats, sizing and layouts, and call for different versions. Chances are you are compromising the logo’s quality if you’re only using one version for every form of media that it is used on.

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If you’ve realized that all of the red flags are there and it’s time to invest in a new logo design, we are are here to help you! We’ve created several visually appealing and media adaptable logo designs throughout the years for many diverse companies.

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Jesse Brede is the founder of Lion's Share Digital, an Austin Web Design firm. His passion is helping people accomplish their goals and live their dreams. He is also the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create and Pivotal Talent Agency

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