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Jesse Brede is the founder of Lion’s Share Digital, Gravitas Recordings, an electronic music label, Gravitas Create, electronic music education, and co-founder of Pivotal Agency, artist management, and bookings. Lion’s Share works with world-class brands, festivals, artists, and creatives. Gravitas has released 190 albums, eps, and compilations. He’s managed CloZee, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, Dirtwire, and Bluetech.

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Episode highlights with Jesse Brede

  • What happens when you understand the customer journey
  • How taking control of where potential customers go benefits marketing
  • What happened when a customer had a big, brand-new problem
  • What Jesse’s team fell back on when facing this major challenge
  • What it was like going through the creation process
  • How Jesse’s process changed after working with this big client

Lightning Round with Jesse Brede

  • Best advice: Be careful with how you act on the way up, because you’ll see the same people on the way down (don’t let your ego run wild!)
  • Habit that contributes to success: Exercise
  • Recommended tools: Loom and Lastpass
  • Recommended book: Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus

Quotes from Jesse Brede’s episode

  • “Where I’m fascinated is where that music and technology overlap.”
  • “The music industry is an upside down business…money is hard to come by and they often don’t want to spend it on branding.”
  • “I’m an advocate for taking power back.”
  • “This was on another order.”
  • “We went for it, and it became one of the best client experiences I’ve had.”
  • “I just kept aiming high and trusting my team.”
  • “The team…trusting each other, that was probably the biggest benefit.”
  • “Within the first couple weeks of working with (UGURUS), I saw a measurable difference in my business.”
  • “You are delivering on your promise!” (UGURUS)

Takeaways from Jesse Brede’s episode

  • When facing a new challenge, ask lots of questions and really listen to what the customer wants
  • Rather than giving raises surrounding the big project, Jesse was glad he decided to focus on bonuses and keep spending conservatively
  • Aim high with quoting a big project
Alicia Horn

Hailing from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Alicia is a music loving outdoors fanatic that now calls Austin, Texas home.