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There seems to be a new Austin social media agency sprouting up daily. This is because social media is no longer an option – it’s a must in today’s age of web 2.0. Every business should take advantage of their ability to connect with their customers in order to let them know that they are listening and catering to customer needs.

Small business social media is particularly important to build a strong customer base through brand loyalty. Many local small business owners don’t have the capacity to run their own social media accounts, nor do they have the time to research each and every Austin social media agency that exists.

So how do you hire the right Austin social media agency? We’ve compiled a checklist for you to go over in order to ensure that you make the right selection for your small business social media strategy needs:

Make Sure They Identify & Understand Your Target Audience

It doesn’t matter how witty, interesting or shareable your posts are — if you aren’t reaching the right target audience with your posts, then your social media strategy will never convert to the end result of increased business and sales. The Austin social media agency you hire should be well aware of whom your company is marketing to and how to reach that group of people.

Austin Social Media Agency

Ensure They Only Plan to Gain Organic Followers

You don’t want your Austin social media agency to pay for followers; this only results in a non-loyal following that will do nothing for your small business social media pages. The objective is to get your audience to interact with your small business social media page. It’s definitely quality over quantity when it comes to followers; this ties in with knowing your target audience. Invite friends, family and the right target audience to “like” your page and “follow” your social media accounts — your small business social media accounts should never pay for fake followers.

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Verify That They Create Custom Content 

Small business social media strategy is about people. Even B2B marketing requires human interaction. The focus should be on the target audience, which is the potential customer. This means that posts should be relevant and interesting to the target audience. Your Austin social media agency should understand the fact that they need to post much more than just sales and promotions. Keep content interesting by custom making your own.

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Make Sure They Treat All Social Media Outlets Differently

If the small business social media agency you hire thinks that they can treat all social media platforms the same, then you are in for a rude awakening. On the contrary, all social media platforms are very different and require different strategies.

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So there you have it; all of the above listed checkpoints are what you should make sure the Austin social media agency (or any other social media firm) should have as part of their strategy.

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