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Having the right images for your website is imperative. Not only do images add life to a website, they can also turn visitors into customers. Using the right images can boost your site’s conversions and let you connect better with your visitors.
If you aren’t able to hire someone to design images for you, the next best option is to search through free stock image sites. The big secret is that a stock image doesn’t have to be of low quality just because it’s free! The following is a few examples of what makes a great stock photo and where to find them.

Nectarine StockComputer Stock

The ripe, juicy nectarines in the image on the right make you want to go eat some fruit right this second! While the drab, lone nectarine on the left looks less than appetizing. Which one draws your attention the most?

Austin Web Design FirmAustin Web Design Firm

In the image on the right, a reader can identify with the person using the computer. It will help visitors feel like there is a human behind your business while the stock image on the left is generated and not at all personable.

Austin Web Design FirmAustin Web Design Firm

The bicycle pictured on the right is pleasing to the eye against the red bricks. It feels more casual than the bike on the left with the stark white background and generated shadows.

Austin Web Design Firm     Austin Web Design Firm

Choosing photos of animals to add to a web page can be tricky. The image on the left is cartoonish and may not portray that you are serious about your business.

Austin Web Design Firm     Austin Web Design Firm

The image of the desk lamp on the left is uninteresting and of low quality all together. The image on the right is also of a desk lamp, but has a composition that is interesting to look at, and will drive your visitors to want to experience more of your website.

So where can you find your perfect image? Here is our list of favorite places to find a royalty free stock photo. Happy hunting!

In case you couldn’t find anything that suits your business-specific needs, contact us today about designing images to improve your website and overall business.

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