01. Client

Antone’s Record Shop is an independently owned shop in Austin, TX specializing in new and used records, CDs, T-Shirts, and posters. Serving Austin & beyond since 1987!

02. Challenge

Outdated website. Low website traffic. Difficulty to deliver information to the users quickly and easy. The user experience was not engaging, negatively impacting sales and brand image.

03. Solution

Transition the website from an outdated platform to a modern WordPress template. Create a website that the client could easily access and update. Strengthen the eCommerce experience. Design a website that was easy for users to navigate, creating a stronger sales position for the brand.

Antone's Record Store Shopify Site



Rosso Corsa


Dark Cornflower Blue


Eerie Black


Antone's Record Store Shopify About Page
Antone's Record Store Shopify Collection Page
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Antone's Record Store Shopify Shirt Page
Antone's Record Store Shopify Cart Page
Contact Us
Antone's Record Store Shopify Contact Page

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