About Cristina Soto

Based out of Austin, TX, Cristina Soto is a singer/songwriter and live performer for cross-genre vocal projects, largely known for her work in EDM. She is trained in opera, jazz, musical theater, and gospel vocals and plays multiple instruments.

Cristina’s debut album, ‘All I Need’ released in March 2016 through Gravitas Recordings, featuring 7 all new originals from 6 different producers, including Psymbionic for the title track. Cristina continually seeks opportunities to grow as a “no-genre” artist, collaborating with talented producers from all over the world.

Design and Build

Our full focus was to build a high quality website for Cristina Soto that puts her in her best light and shows off all her assets, but and is still effortless for her as the artist to update as her career advances.

We worked with Cristina Soto to create a 100% custom logo and fully branded site with aesthetically appealing architecture, page layouts, and social sharing.