Every90Minutes and Lion’s Share Partner to Beat ALS

The hard working team at Every90Minutes wanted to reach a niche market of electronic music fans in order to raise money for ALS research. Every90Minutes partnered with Lion’s Share, and our sister company Gravitas Recordings to release and market a charity compilation, acquire top-notch sponsorships, and execute a viral digital musician contest to raise funding within the EDM community.

About 90 Foundation

ALS is an extremely prominent yet underfunded disease. Every90Minutes, a 501(c)3 also called 90 Foundation, was created to raise money for research to treat and cure ALS. They are dedicated to making sure that 100% of the money raised goes directly towards research and work directly with organizations like the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute and ALS Therapy Development Institute to ensure that happens.

The Challenges

Due to a lack of awareness and funding, there is no current cure for the progressive motor neuron disease. Since it primarily affects an older generation, Every90Minutes wanted to execute a marketing plan that would result in both awareness and funding within a young audience. More specifically, Every90Minutes wanted to find a way to bring ALS awareness to the forefront of the EDM community.

The Solution

Jay Smith, founder of Every90Minutes and CEO of Livid Instruments, is well connected in the music industry and as a result knew that partnering with Lion’s Share and Gravitas Recordings was the right approach for reaching the niche market of the electronic music community. We designed graphics to appeal to the target audience, worked with several prominent artists within the EDM market to compile a charity release, acquired top-notch sponsorships to execute a viral digital musician contest, and handled all of the PR and marketing through press outreach tactics and email marketing.

Beat ALS: Vol 1 Music Compilation

Our main point of focus was a charity compilation “Beat ALS Vol. 1”, in which we did the curating, artwork, branding, marketing and everything in between for. We hit our email list with an email marketing blast, and reached out to several influential publications in the industry, These combined efforts resulted in heavy buzz for the release, bringing ALS awareness to the forefront of the electronic music industry.

Artists on the compilation included: Bassnectar, Richie Hawtin, BT, Psymbionic, Dub FX, Tritonal, Nicolas Jaar, Buku, ill.Gates, Au5, Fractal, Bird of Prey, Eliot Lipp, Machinedrum, Matthew Dear, John Acquaviva, Oliver Giacomotto

Branded Graphic Design

Lion’s Share created all of the album art and marketing materials with striking graphic design to appeal to the identified target audience, exposing the “Beat ALS” cause to the eyes of many in the electronic music community. We also created interactive page designs that were featured on NoisePorn.com Magazine, supporting “Beat ALS: Vol 1″. Lion’s Share’s graphic design locked in a distinctive and recognizable brand within the electronic music community.

Digital Musician Contest

In conjunction with the release, we held a Digital Musician Contest to further marketing efforts and bring the “Beat ALS” cause to the forefront of the electronic music community. We worked to secure a bunch of reputable sponsors in order to create a prize pack. The prize pack we put together was out-of-this world, causing the contest to spread like wildfire throughout the EDM realm. The contest had over 30,000 entries.

Contest Sponsors: Dave Smith InstrumentsNative InstrumentsKeith McMillen InstrumentsBitwigiZotope, ill.Methodology, and Livid Instruments.

Major Press Wins

  • UKF – “Beat ALS: Officially THE most important album released this week”
  • Thump – “With sixteen tracks ranging from the likes of Machinedrum, to Bassnectar, Richie Hawtin, BT and Tritonal, Beat ALS Vol.1 is looking to raise awareness and money through a carefully curated selection of tunes”
  • Only The Beat – “Brilliant music while supporting an amazing cause. Remember the power that music has had on your life along with others.”
  • Sensible Reason – “A compelling collection of 17 tracks from wide array of dance music’s best international artist…”

Raised $10,000 For ALS Research 

All of our thorough marketing efforts are what lead us to raise upwards of $10,000 for ALS research since launching the compilation and contest in the end of October. Lion’s Share was able to reach the niche market of the EDM community by utilizing our skill-set of graphic design, marketing, PR, project management, as well as working with prominent electronic music artists and top-notch sponsors for the digital musician contest. 100% of proceeds went directly to ALS Research, and will continue to go there.

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