What is Ladder Light?

Ladder Light replaces existing ladder end caps with a solution that illuminates the departure zone and acts as a beacon for firefighters and victims. They’re designed to work seamlessly with existing ladders and procedures and have been tested to perform in any conditions.


Makes the Dream Work

Lion’s Share worked in partner with Jackal to build something beautiful.

Ladder Light is a startup company. They went to Jackal with a product but no identity. They didn’t have a brand, voice, tone, logo, web presence or store. In partnership with their stakeholders, over a 10 week timeline, Jackal delivered all of this for them. Their process included in depth research, speaking with fire fighters, chiefs, and the city council to learn how to approach the fire fighter market and community in a way that would be embraced.

Jackal brought Lion’s Share Digital a fully formed brand, including voice, copy, and logo. We took those building blocks to design an informative and captivating One-sheet and website.

Ladder Light’s website effectively declares its products value and pushes visitors to purchase. Its custom design is mobile friendly, Search Engine Optimized, and most importantly, easy for the client to keep updated on their own.


Let’s work together

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