01. Client

Nexus Health Media is disrupting the status in how medical education is delivered and received by informing physicians with up-to-the-minute scientific treatment advances in different diseases right at their fingertips. They leverage decades of healthcare expertise and emerging technology to provide data, analysis, and educational opportunities from experts across the globe.

02. Challenge

Lacked a brand presence or logo. A need for visual content for different social media platforms and presentation templates to use at conferences within their team. No website where customers could access product information or find out more about the brand.


03. Solution

Create a fresh audience appealing logo, designed to covey the brand’s identity. Create an engaging website where users can easily learn more about the brand and its upcoming products.  Establish a subscription-focused page with a strong call-to-action to grow Nexu’s email list.


Nexus Health Media Logo

French Blue


Bleu De France


Blue Jeans


Bright Yellow Crayola


Phase I

Logo & Branding

We collaborated with the Nexus Health Media team to create a custom logo. The logo needed to represent clearly the global and network feel between the physicians.


Create  a new logo that will inspire the custom illustration for the rest of the digital branding.


Final logo files for both web and print. Final logo files in three different versions: Full-color logo (main version), positive & negative version, and the logo to use with a color background. A branding guide that will help maintain consistency in what a brand looks, feels and sounds like.

Tools used

  • Pencil and Paper
  • Adobe Ilustrator
  • Invision


Nexus Health Media Logo
Nexus Health Media Logo
Nexus Health Media Logo
Nexus Health Media Logo
Nexus Health Media Logo

Branding Package Preview

Phase II

Digital &

Print Assets

Once the color scheme, logo, and branding package were ready it was time to create the digital assets to promote across all platforms.


A full package of stock images ready to use and boost the brand tone and feel. Covers and profile images to use across social media platforms. PowerPoint template to use in internal conferences. A Promo video to use on the landing page for the next phase.

Tools Used

  • Invision
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PowerPoint
  • Envato Elements
  • Adobe After Effects

Social Media Package

Nexus Health Media Social Media Banner
Nexus Health Media Logo Design
Nexus Health Media Logo Design
Nexus Health Media Social Media Banner
Nexus Health Media Social Media Banner
Nexus Health Media Social Media Banner
Nexus Health Media Socials
Nexus Health Media Social Media Banner

Stock Images Package

Nexus Health Media Stock Photos

PowerPoint Template Preview

Nexus Health Media Powerpoint Template Design

Promo Video

Phase IV

Web Design & Development

A custom-designed & developed site that truly captures Nexus Health Media branding. The new landing page displays the history of the brand and the current or upcoming products it can offer to physicians. We also created a subscription page to help with the growth of Nexus email list. Both pages are mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, and easy to keep updated by the client and their management team.

Software Used

  • Sketch
  • Salient
  • WP Engine
  • WordPress

A layout that catches the eye

on all devices

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