About Paleo f(x)

Paleo f(x)™ is the world’s premier holistic wellness event, covering health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability, self-development, & everything in between.

It all takes place in Austin, TX, from May 27-29, 2016, with thousands of attendees from around the world.

As an organization, Paleo f(x)™ is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals everywhere to find optimal health and to flourish.

What Lion’s Share Did

The Whole Enchilada

Lion’s Share Digital gave Paleo f(x) the complete package. We did everything for their web presence starting with creating wire frames and rebranding, moving to web design, hosting and development, facilitating data migration and e-commerce, and following through after launch with SEO optimization, heat map analytics and AB testing.

We created landing pages for the event, its live stream, and video membership site, built the conference schedule and event speaker listings. We implemented affiliate tracking allowing Paleo f(x) to work with well known partners and personalities to drive purchases of their video membership offering.

Paleo f(x) was able to dramatically grow their email list thanks to us focusing on email newsletter registration.

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