01. Client

PCG is the parent company of Performance Contracting, Inc (PCI). PCI is their largest subsidiary and includes our Solar Energy Division, which was formed in 2012 to bring our construction expertise to the solar industry. PCG was formed in 1987 when the 40-year-old contracting division was purchased from Owens Corning Fiberglass by existing employees.

02. Challenge

Outdated website where customers could access services information or find out more about the brand. Low website traffic. The user experience was not engaging, negatively impacting sales and brand image. Difficulty delivering information to the users quickly and easy.

03. Solution

Design a website that was easy for users to navigate, creating a stronger sales position for the brand. Establish an offer-focused page to with a strong call-to-action. Create other pages such as services, projects, locations, news, about, resources, and contact.  Above all, the site is mobile friendly, search engine optimized, and, easy for the client to keep updated on their own.



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A layout that catches the eye on all devices

All of our designs are based on a responsive framework, which allows your site to adapt according to the device used to access it. This framework will ensure your site always displays just the way you intended it to.

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