Where the Music Meets the Mountain

About the Project

Summer Meltdown is a multi-day music and camping festival that takes place in Darrington, Washington during the beginning of August. The 14-year-old festival has become notorious for it’s gorgeous location, diverse music lineup and plethora of outdoor activities.

Our Approach

With Summer Meltdown approaching its 15th Anniversary, a strong reimagining of the brand was in order. Lion’s Share was hired to do more than just create a 100% custom WordPress website; we established a brand and online presence through the creation of a unique logo, distinctive color palette, and custom illustrations. We also managed their hosting and DNS.

What We Did

Logo & Branding

We collaborated with the Summer Meltdown team to create a new custom logo. We worked to create an aesthetically pleasing logo that conveys the festival’s atmosphere and grabs the niche market of festival-goers’ attention. Once the logo was created we were able to move forward with Summer Meltdown branding initiatives by building off the color scheme with custom illustration and marketing assets.

Custom Illustration

We created custom illustrations off of concepts from the new Summer Meltdown logo to further appeal to the niche market of festival goers. We took the same color scheme and design architecture to continue branding efforts and establish a strong online presence through unique illustration for the Summer Meltdown brand.

Web Design & Development

We worked with the Summer Meltdown team to create a 100% custom website with aesthetically appealing architecture, page layouts, social sharing, and optimized user friendliness to encourage festival ticket sales and conversions. We also handled the festival’s hosting and DNS to ensure site functionality during times of high traffic due to festival announcements and ticket releases.

Marketing Assets

We established distinguishable branding and a strong online presence for Summer Meltdown through the creation of the website, logo and color scheme. Lion’s Share took this one step further through the creation of marketing assets; we created banner ads and social media banners to match the festival’s newly established branding.