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Are you an Austin business looking to improve your current google ranking through SEO initiatives? Did you find this article while scanning the web desperately looking for an Austin SEO agency that will magically grow your business? You may want to think again.

The internet moves rapidly, and it takes more than traditional SEO strategy to improve rankings — it also takes much more than a fancy Austin SEO agency to grow your business.

SEO is Only a Piece of the Puzzle:

Austin SEO Agency

While Google rankings are often worshipped, it takes a lot more than SEO work to grow a business. Most Austin SEO Agencies promise your company tons of business through top Google rankings and tons of new traffic to your website.

The truth is, if all an Austin agency can offer you is search engine optimization, then they don’t understand the end goal.  Any Austin SEO agency worth your hard earned money, should know it takes a lot more than just google rankings to grow a business.

SEO Doesn’t Happen Overnight:

SEO has changed greatly over the last few years. Google has made many updates to their search algorithm with more emphasis placed on content that is helpful to readers.

If you’re thinking about working with an Austin SEO agency who is using old school tactics, you’ve been warned. Many of those old SEO tactics will actually do your company more harm than good.

You need a strategy to create helpful content, but that won’t happen overnight. You need consistent commitment to quality content in a long term plan. Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Austin SEO Agency

What Can You Do?

The secret is to hire an all-inclusive marketing firm. A holistic marketing approach that incorporates (rather than obsesses over) SEO is necessary for business development. All-inclusive marketing strategy will result in business growth, but an Austin SEO agency that can only help with SEO is likely to fall short. You want to work with a firm that can also offer other services like: content marketing, social media strategy, and branding design.

Want to stay ahead of the Curve? Let us Help You!

We’ve worked with several clients to implement all inclusive marketing strategy, in addition to SEO services. If your company would like learn more about Lion’s Share’s services, get a free quote here.

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Jesse Brede

Jesse Brede is the founder of Lion's Share Digital, an Austin Web Design firm. His passion is helping people accomplish their goals and live their dreams. He is also the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create and Pivotal Talent Agency