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UI/UX design may sound like tech jargon to you. However, did you know functional design and website usability can make or break a brand experience? We often focus on the creative aesthetics of a brand: logo, colors, imagery. Ensuring you have a strong visitor experience with intuitive navigation engages audiences and drives sales.  

We start with understanding your business objectives and outlining how your website can be a productive information and sales tool for your business. 

We use wireframes to outline the user flow through your website while visual mock-ups or prototypes showcase key visual elements planned for your pages.  Combined, we walk you through exactly what your audiences will “see” before the Website development process begins.


Key Deliverables

Wireframes to demonstrate user flow

Creating wireframes in the first stage of website design enables one to discover flaws in the user flow or usability, thus minimizing time spent on revisions throughout the design and production phase.

Website mockups to clearly illustrate creative elements

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