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It’s no secret that Austin is a booming city, overflowing with creativity and dripping with potential for a myriad of businesses and services to flourish. This also means that there are countless Austin web design firms competing for your attention – enough to make choosing the right one feel like mission impossible. Many of these Austin web design firms are incredibly great at what they do (yes, even our competitors), so you should definitely do your homework before hiring one.

Picking the right web design firm is more than just looking at Yelp ratings – it’s about looking into each Austin web design firm’s culture and area of expertise to decide whether or not they are the right match for your company’s style. You can do this by taking a look at each web design firm’s portfolio and reading up on what each one is all about.

You might be asking, “why would a web design firm write about a list of their competitors?”. Well, the answer is simple. We believe in mutual respect, support and camaraderie with our fellow firms. Each firm is unique and has their specific strengths and niches. And truly is plenty of work for everyone, so why not. A rising tide lifts all boats.

We’re giving you the low-down on some of the best web design firms in Austin. All of the incredible Austin Web Design Firms bring forth a different culture and do a great job in working with a specific kind of client. We’ve done the research on who’s who, so you don’t have to!


Monkee-Boy is a quirky Austin web design firm with a knack for solving unique web issues. They like those unique problems, because their team specializes in solving them with personality and style. The Austin web design firm has a long list of happy clients that will back up that statement. In addition to a national client list, Monkee-Boy has worked with some staples in the Greater Austin area like Zilker Kite Fest, Austin Chamber, and the Bullock Texas State History Museum. If your company has unique web challenges to overcome, and needs to work with an organization who has truly made solving these an art, then check out Monkee Boy. (Make sure to check out their new website – it definitely captures their simplistic yet quirky personality!)

The entire team at Monkee-Boy are rockstars. Aaron Bramwell, Joe Pickerell, Andrea Tucker, Stephanie Cain, and Jessica Canales are all joys to work with. A special shout out to Nikki Clark, Monkee-boy’s creative director, who is a personal friend of Jesse Brede and has helped Lion’s Share and Gravitas Recordings in the past with specific projects and questions. Enjoy her Behance portfolio.

Austin Web Design Firm


HMG Creative

HMG Creative is an Austin web design firm that really focuses on brand development and interactive marketing services. Based in Austin, with a creative studio in San Diego, and clients around the nation, HMG looks at all client’s current situation and recommends proven solutions specific to their particular industry. If your company needs brand development and you want to work with someone who really understands the root of how to accomplish that, then HMG is definitely an Austin web design firm that you should look into. It should be noted they only take projects that are $8k and above.

HMG is run by James Trumbly who is a friend of Lion’s Share and actually grew up in the same hometown as Lion’s Share’s founder, Jesse Brede.

Austin Web Design Firm

Fahrenheit Marketing is a digital agency based in Austin, Texas. They have worked with several international and national names representing consumer brands like Gatorade and some pharmaceutical giants like ALK. The eight-person team specializes in creative web design and development, app development, marketing automation and content development. If you have an established name, especially in the consumer pharmaceutical industry, and need creative work then may be right for you.

Austin Web Design Firm

Lucid Crew

Lucid Crew is an Austin web design and development agency that prides itself on being anything but boring. Having worked with a plethora of different industries, and having dived into most aspects of digital marketing, Lucid specializes in creating bright, bold and colorful websites for all types of businesses and organizations. If you are looking for a highly stimulating website with SEO that you can learn to easily update on your own, then we suggest looking into Lucid Crew.

Austin Web Design Firm


SiteGoals is an Austin web design firm who’s art is creating responsive websites that re-size to fit any screen from any device. In addition to creating websites for big names like David Weekly Homes, SiteGoals has created unique web platforms for like clients like a virtual fitting room for OneCall and a “Stump the Geek” video game for a LifeSize, a video conferencing virtualization platform. Those who want something highly adaptive and responsive should look into working with SiteGoals.

SiteGoals was founded by Simon Enrich, who is also a personal friend of Jesse Brede. Simon is a stand up guy and we wish his company the best of luck.


White Lion

White Lion is an Austin web design firm that has obviously mastered branding; their website reflects this to a tee with fierce and fearless, yet clean theming and layout. Having been in business since 1995, White Lion has established a reputation for having a strong ethical culture in addition to their great work in web and mobile development. If you want to work with an Austin web design firm who understands the art of branding and has established strong roots in ethical culture then White Lion may be the right pick for you.

Austin web design firm

Sputnik Creative

Sputnik Creative is a digital branding studio in Austin, Texas; they are masters at telling their client’s story, especially when their client is in the food industry. The fine folks at Sputnik choose their name because it means “fellow traveler” and they believe in establishing a long time friendship with all clients, rather than a one time service. If you wish to work with a web design firm who understands how to truly tell your story to the masses, and wish to work with them over a long period of time as your story continues to unfold, then Sputnik Creative is the right choice for you.

Austin Web Design Firm


Lion’s Share Digital (us)

Austin Web Design

So now you have the who’s who and what’s what in Austin web design, and it’s time to tell you what we, Lion’s Share Digital, are all about. Our speciality is working the creative-artsy types, particularly in the music industry. We have worked with many artists and music festivals to create websites and establish branding, and make happy clients. We love working with creative professionals, because we are creative professionals ourselves.  If you’re looking to work with an Austin web design firm that truly understands the ends ands out of the creative arts and music industry, and one that can build a functional, aesthetically pleasing brand and websites, we are definitely the right fit for you.



We’ve worked with all types of music industry professionals to establish music website branding by using all of the above listed tactics. If your company would like learn more about Lion’s Share’s services, get a free quote here.

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Jesse Brede

Jesse Brede is the founder of Lion's Share Digital, an Austin Web Design firm. His passion is helping people accomplish their goals and live their dreams. He is also the founder of Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create and Pivotal Talent Agency